Infatuation At First Sight...

...don't let it go to your head...

 We're back.

Hello all :)

Consider This A Warning...
Just to let you guys know, the next journal, and most likely the ones after will be friends only entries...

Crazy Times, LOLOLOL...

So add me to friends if you haven't already...

Cya soon bitches!


That is all. Have a good Thursday bitches.

My Hump, My Hump, My Hump Day

It is hump day yet again, and I'm actually updating my journal! EGAD

So Yesterday the comedian came. Josh Wade. He was actually pretty good, although we think he may have been doing coke in the bathroom. But then again, who doesn't these days?! Jeannine and myself went out to dinner with him after the show. Me and Jeannine kept making jokes and acting retarded, like we always do, and he just kept staring at us. It's all good though, we gave him completely wrong directions to get back to 95, so the jokes on him!

But for my first time booking and signing a comedian, it went pretty well considering we filled Dodds pretty well.

And alas, tomorrow is Thursday. Thank you Jeebus. Not sure what I'm doing yet, but plans are slowly coming together, and I am looking forward to it! Another night like this perhaps?

Only time will tell, lol.

Friday I'm heading back to G-Town for the night. I plan to stop by and see the damage the storm did to Greenfield's classiest establishment, the trailer park. I guess it got wiped out. I don't mean to laugh, cause I guess a lot of people lost their homes but... LOLOLOL. Oh trailer parks...

Well, I should stop procrastinating. Have a good my hump, my hump, my hump day :)


Oh Hey New Journal!
Oh hello new journal. I havn't updated my last one in like, 5 years, so it's time to start a new one with the screen name I use the most. So enjoy it. Add it. Love it.

My last one will still be up so if you wanna see any of the back entries, cause I know you do. You can find it at

So now you can look forward to more of my rambling goodness. Oh joy!

Talk to you bitches soon!


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